Reentry Admission

If you have previously attended a UW System campus as a degree-seeking student and now wish to reenter the same campus after an absence of one or more semesters, you are considered a reentry student.

Qualifying for Admission

If you left the UW System campus in good standing, you will likely be readmitted if admission standards and application priority dates are met.

If you left the UW System campus in poor standing and/or as a result of academic suspension, you should talk with the admissions office to identify the specific procedure for applying for reentry admission.

Reentry admission for applicants in poor academic standing is not automatic; it may involve an appeal to the admissions director, academic dean, or a designee of the director or dean.

How to Apply

As a reentry applicant you should submit a completed application for undergraduate admission. This may be done using the online University of Wisconsin System Undergraduate Application for Admission. A paper application may be requested by contacting the admissions office at the UW System campus or by contacting UW HELP.

Reentry applicants are not required to submit an application fee.

Test Scores

ACT/SAT test scores are not required from reentry students.

Application Deadlines/Priority Dates

It is important to apply early and meet any established priority date for admission. Check with the UW System campus for application priority dates and deadlines for reentry students.

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